Here I am, sitting on a milk crate and drinking wine from one of Max’s beakers because… Finally, after 4 hours scrubbing the kitchen floor, a day spent scrubbing down walls, a week of general cleaning and packing, 2 days of packing and unpacking the truck before eventually finding a way to fit everything, finding new homes for many, many things, and the fish, sending the Ferrets to live in Sydney for a year, we’re ready…  Tomorrow we set off adventuring, there will be photos next post to show just what the car looks like, and Maxy’s luxury set up in the back – he is King of the Car with 2 toy boxes strapped in next to him, and loving it!

Tomorrow is also rent inspection, sending a couple of boxes over to Sydney, a last trip to salvos/the dump, and any other little bits we find.  Thanks so much Mandy for the offer of a vehicle, and thank you so much Mandy, Lizzie, David, Rob, Eli and Olive for our little send off, Max will miss his morning walks,and we’ll miss all of you.

Our first stop is all of 15 minutes down the road, we’re staying at friends for our last stock up, which will also give us a chance to pick up an inverter so I can keep all my gadgets running – and keep you up to date on what’s happening, and food, to keep us all running on fine form :). Then our first destination is… Leonora, which we have to get to before the 6th so we can rendezvous with Mick and Carol.

That’s it for now, catch you on the road!