Had a wonderful day up around Cue, went to see the Big Bell Townsite, which was abandonedmid 50s, there’s still a MASSIVE pub there – it is pretty derelict but it’s very cool. It apparently had the longest bar in Australia, which is

Gra and Max with the water tower behind looking out of the church window, Big Bell

believable as it’s just so huge. There are quite a few other buildings still standing too, and all the roads are

rock art

still in place. Following Big Bell we went to Walga Rock, which has Aboriginal art on it dating back 10,000 years, the most interesting of which is a sailing ship. The art is just amazing and there is so much of it too. It was really awesome, then we had a hike up the to the top of the rock and were quite amazed at

Walga Rock

just how massive it is. Travelling on we came upon an abandoned farm, which was kind of interesting to have a poke around.  A bit sad too though. Then finally we went looking for the Dalgaranga Meteorite Crater, however we had left it a bit late in the day and it was too dark to see anything.  We got onto the right road but think maybe we missed a turn or didn’t go far enough.  However since it is the smallest of 18 meteorite craters in Aus I’m sure we’ll get to see another one. Chilling out today then on to Geraldton tomorrow – city lights and shopping…