Stayed at the Leonora Gun Club for 2 drizzly nights, then went onwards stayed at a roadside stop near Sullivans creek

awesome tree in Sullivans Creek bed

, about 40kms out of Leonora for 3 nights, the boys are calling it the valley of firedeath as it was a challenge to get fires started with wet wood and lots of wind. The old tea bag soaked in petrol did the trick – Grahad his first kill with a chainsaw too.


Really picturesque spot, went for a walk along the creek bed and it really is postcard material.

Next came Leinster, where for us at least, food was king.  Went to the mine Mess for dinner and it was AMAZING!! $12 for all you could eat, one night had fish and chips and calamari, followed by salads, and finished up with a fantastic chocolate eclair – with real cream. Then the next night we were there it was surf

Gra put Max's bike seat on, it's very serious business, but quite enjoyable apparently

and turf (cooked to order sirloin and chilli mussels) I had chicken pie, chilli mussels, veggie patties, veggies, followed by a ridiculously good double choc cheesecake with ice-cream and caramel sauce, oh and ginger and caramel pudding, fruit and cheese. YUM Leinster, we are all fans of you and your mess. Not much else was in Leinster apart from the magic of washing machines, showers and Telstra dongles being sold at the newsagents – so I am online again.