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Hmm, interested to see how the slide show works.  Writing now from Perry’s on the Daly where we’re having a really relaxing time, just hanging out by the pool and not doing a heck of a lot – in fact, the first day we were here I thought about doing this, yesterday I got out the computer and it’s only now that I’m actually doing it.

So, I left you last in Derby with half an eye on the Gibb River Road. We spent our first two nights at a free camp on the Lennard River, our first night there we met a lovely couple called Ali and Rocky, and had a great nights kicking back and having a few drinks. Rocky thought he lost his necklace when he and Gra went for a dip, so much searching took place – even to the extent of getting the Scuba gear off the roof but to no avail. Then we went to do Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge which were great.  Graeme went exploring in Tunnel Creek had a creature feature under one of the waterfalls – he walked on water to get back over to where me and Max were on

Gibb River Map

the bank while making some noises a bit similar to a little girl. Although later we found this was probably justified as chances are it was a Freshwater Croc (baby) who would have been warming himself in the groundwater seeping in there.

Next we hit Bell Gorge, where we went for a lovely swim, saw some crazy tiny frogs who can walk on water and, lo and behold, stumbled across Rocky’s necklace – which was a bit of a Ripley’s believe it or not moment. Also while at the Bell Gorge campground we met a girl called MJ who used to go to school with my cousins, so it was feeling like a very small world after all.

Trucking along we found ourselves at the beautiful Mornington Wilderness Camp which we really enjoyed, and also found travelling companions for the rest of the road, the Craigs (Hazel, Stuart, and their 4 year old twins Will and Daniel) and the Dodds (Tanya, Matt and their crew Lockie 9, Jessie 4, and Chance 11 mths). They had a great bar there with a gigantic brazier thing and we were all down there one night for dinner and realised that our plans synched up. This was also the first time we knowingly swam in waters that freshwater crocs inhibit, which was pretty weird. Also to get into Mornington had to use a radio phone which was a bit of an experience. They’re also a pretty good cause to donate either cash or time to if you’re looking for something worthy. We ended up staying for three nights even though we were only planning for two – felt a bit like we were in “the Castle” enjoying all that serenity.

On the way to Mt Barnett roadhouse/Manning Gorge we stopped at Galvans Gorge which was simply stunning


only had to walk about a k to get to the most tranquil spot (tranquil until three families with kids got there that is) and we were the only ones there.  It was like an ad from the  Australian Tourism – “Where the Bloody Hell are Ya?” campaign.

Then on the forecourt at Mt Barnett Roadhouse we managed to have a flat tyre – awesome. Time for a couple of days of relaxing before tackling the Kalumbaru Road as far as the Mitchell Plateau.  Stopped in at Drysdale station – (just a little one at a million acres) for a night and met a bloke at the campfire with some very interesting views on how Australia should be run – think he might have time-travelled from Rednecksville in the 50’s.

Stayed next at a place called King Edwards campground which was our base for the Mitchell Falls Mission another very impressive waterfall and possibly the best waterhole at little Mertens.

Then we had a few nights of comparative luxury at Home Valley station where we stayed for 3 nights camping on grass and lounging by the pool with beers in hand.

Then we hit bitumen, no more dust and a whole lot of repairs due on the car.  But I think that is for next blog….