map A map of our future travels
Last day of work today, surprisingly I’m going to miss it – the job I expected to be mindnumbingly boring has turned out to be quite enjoyable – due I’m sure to the really nice people I’ve been working and the fun office atmoshpere they cultivate. So much of what you do is dictated by the people you’re with isn’t it? Although it will be good to not have to internalise so many complicated problems in my head, or worry about whether Monique thinks I’m a dick. So on the cards next is down to Kings Canyon and then on to Uluru, hopefully getting a chance to call in at Hermansburg on the way and check out Albert Namatjira artworks and story and the historic community. Take a look at if you’re interested.

I’m going to miss Alice – and I still haven’t got around to reading “A Town Like Alice” which was on my to do list, however I have found someone named Alice who lives in Alice (I guess I kinda count too with that being my middle name and having made this home for a while) and we will prbably duck into Gemstone, to hopefully find a gemstone. Though who knows?