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Raining and pouring

It’s cold and wet in Alice today – Max has had great fun splashing about in puddles, his gumboots are gettig a good workout!  We’ve even had some landscaping and turned the awning into a small picturesque lake.  We’ve had to get out our winter gears as it’sbeen getting down to 19 degrees (in fact is currently 16.7)which is a bit icy for here – it looks like we’re about the same temp as Invers today…

Alice Springs Forecast

Today 19°C
Tonight 12°C
Only one week left in Alice, then heading back to Syd o knee for festivities and christmas activity. But first to the rock.  

Sorry, seemed kind of appropriate. Currently in Alice, still waiting for these tyres. However did manage to find some that were only prohibitively costed rather than exorbitantly priced.Both down with the flu, I think I may be progressing to Chest infection. Looking for some work though and might be here a little while.