This page is going to be tips, techniques, successes and fails as we travel.  It will include places that we’ve been to that were awesome, or not so much, and any other flotsam I figure is worth including.

  • Changing tyres is a nuisance – especially when one tyre fails twice
  • Max is learning that jumping is easy, but getting off the ground is hard
  • If you do have to change tyres you rotate the new ones to the front of the car
  • Barra tastes mushy at the end of the dry
  • Swimming with freshwater crocs is ok
  • March flies are not
  • Sometimes the least appealing places turn out to be the most interesting – ie Timber Creek
  • When someone in the NT tells you the Dry Season is over one day they probably aren’t joking

Oh, it’s been a while

  • Max has learnt… lots and lots of new words. The bath is fun again. How to paint.  Haircuts are good. Bikes are cool (and he can kind of pedal). Feeding himself. Having an opinion about every little thing, he really likes deciding what clothes to wear and god forbid if we don’t offer the right thing.

We have learnt –

  • it takes hundred mechanics to find the tiny problem
  • Alice is much bigger and more interesting than first expected.
  • Gra is learning being a house hubby
  • I am learning being a working mum
  • Ants bite – I don’t like being food
  • Aboriginal paintings are cheap in Alice – this could be dangerous