So, as per usual, the photos I’ve got are a bit backdated, but that’s ok, cos I don’t really have any relevant ones to add to this blog. check out Gibb and the in-betweens at or

SO, todays post may be slightly more rant like, cos I am loving Alice, but it’s a bit of a confusing old town. The book by the same name as the post is about what a great little town Alice is to live in, but it feels a bit to me that theres a very heavy handed governmental rule to it, or at least one part of society trying to get another part to be just like them, cos it’ll make them happier.

How do they do that? The government deems that not selling takeaway alcohol until 2pm will stop Aboriginals being drunks. Failing that they will also ban alcohol from government owned Aboriginal housing – I might be wrong, there might be white housing that’s government owned that has the same restrictions, but I don’t think so. Then for the kids, they get micromanaged by a hundred different government departments, who try to scare them into being good by threatening curfew, jail lock up time and all sorts. Again, maybe it’s the same for white kids, but I haven’t seen evidence.

Alice is a great little touristy town in the daytime, with good coffee shops, a wide variety of dining experiences (including the vegan bhuddist restaurant I quite often lunch at) and a really vibrant town centre. If you head over to the Todd River you’ll see groups of Aboriginal people doing paintings which they will later either sell to galleries or direct to tourists. The galleries quite often encourage their artists to not drink, and have savings schemes for them – if they want them (which is a good thing, unlike the Basics Card which takes half their pension money and tells them which stores they can shop in, and how else to spend their money – the basics card is for both Aboriginals and white people but it’s easier for whites to get exemptions).

But at the same time, I guess who can say they live in a society that is fair to all. Everyone has differing opinions on how to make the world perfect and implementing them all would be impossible.

That’s it for me today. I’ll leave you with that pickle and maybe be a bit more positive next time.